el pájaro cantor, que vuela cerca del sol *

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Artist Lindy Lane has a number of garden-related tattoos that remind her of her parents and grandparents, who all shared a love of gardening and farming. “All of my garden-related tattoos are sentimental, nostalgic symbols for people and places in my life,” says Lane. "The green tomato on my leg is for my grandparents, who grew up on farms in Georgia," says Lindy Lane. "I spent a lot of my childhood on their land in Jesup, Georgia where they grew many fruits and veggies. My ‘Mema’ always made friend green tomatoes with her fresh tomatoes. I have lemons and mint leaves on my foot that represent home and my mother. I grew up on St. Simons Island in Southeast Georgia. Growing up, my mother spent a fair amount of time outside gardening in the yard. We had a lemon tree and my mother would often ask me to pick lemons and/or mint for dinner, be it for sweet tea or seafood.” See more at HGTV Gardens.

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